We are all busy moms.

We need to be nourished to nourish our little ones.

The Moms Behind Whole Mama Lifestyle

Meet Hannah

Hannah Day (@happydayyoga) is a mama of 2 and a pre- & postnatal specialist (RYT® 500, E-RYT® 200, RPYT®) based out of British Columbia, Canada.

She has been teaching moms yoga for almost a decade and founded @BirthPrepYoga in 2020.

Movement is KEY to feeling great during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Yoga & breathing techniques are incredibly helpful for moms to release stress, anxiety and to rebuild their cores in a safe way.

Plus baby LOVES to watch their mama move & sing. Mom & Baby Yoga online is such a great way to connect with baby in a fun way and to connect with moms around the globe.

Meet Ali

Ali Vella (@stengthandsoulpt) is a mama of 2 and a pre- & postpartum Personal Trainer based out of Victoria, Australia.

She loves to help her clients (moms) feel strong in a safe way, her focus is the core & glutes.

She is our Nutritionist, and understands the importance of whole foods (Macronutrients & Micronutrients) to keep you going.

Her recipies are easy, nutritious and ones your kids will love!

About the @wholemamalifestyle Program

We created this 6- week program so you can feel whole again after having a baby.

Growing a baby takes a lot of work, and anxiety and fear can be through the roof (especially since everyone wants to share scary birth stories).

Once baby is here, your wants and needs go on the back burner and you start to drain all of your energy reserves. This process continues if you have more babies. Whether you have one baby or four littles:

Your cup slowly empties and you are running purely on fumes.

The “mom fatigue” is worse during a pandemic, because it is no longer safe to go & gather at social events and hang out with other postpartum  moms (AKA your peeps).

We new something was needed to help moms THRIVE AT HOME. This process starts by filling up your Mama Cup, so you can come out of this pandemic feeling strong, confident and whole.

By doing our 6-week program, you will wake up your POWER CENTER (your core) feeling strong again in a safe, paced manner. We will do this together via online classes with our postpartum fitness exercises with Ali, and Power Mama Yoga with Hannah.

For each of the 6 weeks, we will give you healthy nutritious meals (including meal planning, grocery lists & incredible recipies) to keep you on track for the 6 full weeks (to kick-start your Full Cup Living).

Best of all, the program is always there for you to come back to when your cup is drained again.

We will also give you easy, positive thinking tools to do wonders in the relationships with the people in your life, but most of all, with yourself.

Whole Mama Lifestyle’s 6-week Program will launch Septemper 2021!


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